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21st-Nov-2005 01:59 pm(no subject)
well a lot has happend since i last updated in this thing. right now i'm sitting here in computer's doing nothing because i have all my stupid access work done. New Lothrop has some major drama going on as usual. I swear we just all can't get along for like just once in our lives instead we'd rather fight and act like little kids. Well i'm not included in this drama so its all okay.

November 11th-13th, 2005

I went to my grannys house b.c zak scott said that we needed to hang out together. So i was like okay i'll be at grannys on friday. so friday rolls around and he doesn't answer my calls or anything. I mean how ncie is that. Well come to find out he had gotten himself a girlfriend and didnt tell me. When he called me his girlfriend. I guess i really didnt mean much to him but he should have still told me not just not talk to me. So i called him a few times just to talk to him and see what the situation was. Well one thing was i saw her get outta the car (before i new we were over (it really would have been nice to know we were over.) Then on Saturday i called him like once i mean at this point i'm still thinking he is my boyfriend and he is hoeing me. So I just gave up on him. Then Sunday at about 7:30 his new girlfriend calles me on his fone and leaves me a voicemail that is all like "what ever you and him had its done over with never gunna happen dunzo." So pretty much she just kept repeating herself. I called them back and tried to talk to him but she was being stupid and saying stuff in the back ground so i couldn't really talk to him. anyways he told me that we like only hung out that one day. Here is how many times we really hung out my house, movies, corn maze and trevs house, numerous times at my grannys, football game. hmm....that is more than one time.

The thing i dont think boys understand is that its all right for them to do this stuff to us but when we do it to them your a whore. Which i think is not right because boys shouldn't be able to do whoever they want whenever they want. but i mean we can't even talk to another boy without them getting testy. I think its soo stupid. Boys dont understand or realize how much they break gurls hearts. If i could have one wish it would be for boys to know how they hurt girls feelings and make them feel like crap. and to make them go back in time to all the relationships they screwed up and fix them.

Well that is my drama for the month. I can't believe he'd do this to me just when i thought he was getting better. I had really thought he was doing so good making changes and everything. I guess it just comes to show how boys can hoe you. Everyone dont make the mistake i did and fall for a boy that obvisouly isn't falling for you as hard as you are falling for him.

If anyone call help me with my little problem i got going on then just leave me a comment or give me a call on my cellular. Also you could email me at brittanytressa0789@hotmail.com beacuse i really want to talk to someoone about this. Its like eating away at me from the inside.

Love Always,

Brittany Tressa
17th-Nov-2005 02:08 pm(no subject)

Well today has actaully be an all around good day so far. Well my 4 day weekend didn't go as planned. I was supposed to hang out with zak scott but he totally screwed me over once again and got a girlfriend the same fat girlfriend he went and got when we were dating before. So i'm done dating him. When he comes back around and wants to be more than friends with me i'm gunna shaft him. Now i decided i'd go for a new boy. See i have my sight on someone but i'm not sure if i want to persue anything yet. The one kid i was gunna go for has a girlfriend with bad hair so he is kinda outta the picture. Then the other one had a "thing" with one of my friends so i havent decided if it would be weird. I'm just kinda lost right now but someday i'll get it all together.

So there is like this really fun drama going on at NL High. This girl named Lola is mad at this guy named Jack because one time when they broke up Jack kissed Betty and now Jack wants to break up with Lola. Its really confusing but its funny to. Wanna know why is funny? Well one thing is i'm not in it anymore. Its a great new feeling i've expirenced and i'm loving it.

Today i get to go to owosso and get my bowling ball and my permit thingy. I'm so excited. I have like the coolest bowling ball, bag and shoes. They are all like pink. How awesome is that. So my problem for today is......the boy i like wants to know who i like but i cant tell him who i like because obvisouly i like HIM.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Love Always,

Brittany Peña

9th-Nov-2005 02:31 pm(no subject)

well today is another day at NL high. what fun. just kidding. i downloaded aim on my computer in computer apps. mr. o'connor tries to block it but there is always ways to get it. today i'm going to go home and do some housework pack for my daddys house and junk like that. then on friday i'll probally hang out with zak and spend the rest of the weekend with my dad and over at hectors hosue. well class is almost over so i hope everyone has a fun 4 day weekend.



31st-Oct-2005 02:13 pm(no subject)
Well today is halloween and its going to be so much fun. i can't wait. So me and Kelli found out some bad news well its not bad but it is some crazy news. So today when i get home i have to wash my hair and clean out the goat pen then go to my gma's house and go trick or treating with zak scott. and then i get to tell zak the bad news that i cant go to my gma's till he comes and visits me at my mommys house. so i wont be able to see my hector. i'm going to go to my grannys house sometime before 5:30. and i might pass out candy instead of going trick or treating. so you sould all come and see me. So yesterday i made my birthday/christmas list. it was great everything i want is from abercrombie. i frikken love that store so much they had alot of cute clothes. Since i'm going to be on the bowling team my mommy is buying me a bowling ball and shoes and a bag. i'm so excited. well i hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

20th-Oct-2005 01:52 pm - Today Sucks!!!!
Well today has been pretty boring. I wish i wasnt at school right now. I hate it so much. I want to be in creek with all the cool kids there. Well i am going there on friday to the football game. Its creeks last one. really i should go to new lothrops but since i dont like this school i'm so going to creeks. well i have drivers training today what a blast. Haha just kidding. i have it from 6:30-8:30. I think i might have a moive night at my house on saturday but i havent decided yet. so like i'm totally feeling the shaft right now. but i cant explain it right now at the very moment. today all the 3rd hour choir kids came in and sang. they dont really do very good with the notes. they go to high or to low. and they are really loud oh well i'm over it. i love how mr. o'connor blocked myspace and not livejournal or xanga. its quite funnie actually. and like the stupid netware messages that keep popping up are getting on my nerves. i wish school was over like right now. i'm tired, dont want to be here, hate people, gosh i'm just amess now aren't i. well i'm gunna do something else so i'll prolly write in here sometime.Love Pena
18th-Oct-2005 02:37 pm(no subject)
well i'm sitting in computers and i did all my work so i decided i'd give myself a lil free day. omg cindy is getting on my nerves so much i wish she would stop talking. and lola is getting on my nerves to. well friday i went to the football game and hung out with the cool creek kids. saturday i drove from 8-10 then had class from 10-12 then went to my gmas and went to kelli's padre's house. well i did see zak scott. that was fun. but when isnt it. haha. then me and kelli went and watched a moive at trevs house then on sunday me kelli, jay and kelsey went to the mall and i bought kelli a cool hat. well class is almost over so have a wonderful day...love pena
14th-Oct-2005 02:08 pm(no subject)
well today is going to be so much fun. i'm wearing dave s. jersey. and then i'm going to the creek vs. grand blanc game. no offense to the creek kids but i think your gunna lose. well chantal and rachelle are going to the game to its gunna be a blast. i'll probally hang out with kelli, krystal, tommy, trev, chelsi, trustin, matthew, corey, steven, brandon, maybe the scott boy. i'm going to be a my g-mas and tay, and shell are gunna come get me. so i'm like super excited. i'm going to my grannys after the game and she is gunna take me to drivers training at 8 and pick me up at 12. then i'm gunna go to kelli ann's padres house to see her and she is makin me sweetest day dinner. see it was suppposed to be for my get well thing but i guess i'm just not that important to her. just kidding i absoulty love her. my step-padre is so on my good side. i absoulty love him. he said as long as i'm getting good grades and doing what i'm supposed to i can pretty much do what i want. i walked my goats yesterday it was so much fun. well i'm gunna sit here and do nothing like i'm not supposed to do but oh well its friday. its supposed to be the lazy day. have a wonderful day. Love you all. Peña....i'll have my cellular today so just give me a call on it. 813-5654
13th-Oct-2005 02:00 pm(no subject)
So. today was pretty fun i'm supposed to be doing my work in computers right now but i'm not oh well. i'm ahead of some people. that are still on word. well tomorrow is the football game and i'm going to creeks instead of going to NL's at Bendle. its gunna be pretty funnie b.c i'm wearing dave jersey to a creek game oh well. i'm probally going with kelli and krystal. zak said he wanted to hang out sometime this weekend. well i'm gunna punch my densist in his face b.c he is so mean to me. i mean why did he had to take some of my gum out i wouldnt do that to him. i'm over it. well tonite i have driver's training. i didnt go tuesday b.c i was injured. now i have to make up my hours but i'm over it. well i'm gunna go back to doing my computer work. so luv ya all...Pena
12th-Oct-2005 05:09 pm(no subject)
So today at school was pretty fun. Cindy was def. getttin on my nerves today. but she does everyday. it must be really bad for her i mean she dones't get all the attention anymore. what is she gunna do. well the dentist cut my gum yesterday and it keeps bleeding on and off. so i'm sittin here rinsing my mouth out with water. since blood tastes nasty. i'm going bowling with praski, kelli, zach, greg, kevin, and i think thats it. well anyways we are going tonite at 6:30. we are gunna have so much fun. to bad i dont no how to bowl. but it should be a fun experience. well i'm gunna go get ready for BOWLING. Love you all, Peña
10th-Oct-2005 04:37 pm(no subject)
OMG...where to start. I had so much fun this weekend. Well here it goes. FRIDAY. i was in the parade for powderpuff. so beat the seniors 16-6. that was amazing. the JUNIORS won the spirit jug. first time we've ever won it. well after the parade we went and sat in Chelseys car before the game. then about 6:30 we went into the game and froze our asses off. by half time the score was 13-0 we were winning. Shane Gross and Jackie Wenzlick won homecomming queen and king. so at the end of the game we beat Byron 61-0. they have a very bad team. I was supposed to go to bakers but instead i went home b.c i had to drive from 8-10 then i had class from 10-12. SATURDAY. after class and stuff Markey picked me up and we went to meijers. then i came home and got ready for homecomming. it was so much fun. i went to kelli ann's and sat in her house while she was getting ready and eating dinner. at 4:30 my parents came to kelli's to get pics of us and we went to bakers at 5. when we got there baker was still gettin her hair done and make-up and stuff. we left her house at like 5:45. and went to sidekick. Then we ran to flushing to go get pics at kellis grandma mona's house but she wasnt there so then we left and went to confer's to get film. we went up to the school at 7:30 and waited for a 1/2 an hour. Well the dance started and the dj completly sucked. omg. he did really bad. he would repeat songs and everything. well at 11:15 kelli, courtney, dolan, greg, kevin, and zach came over for a little while then had to leave at 12. well ryan didnt but he did anyway. so courtney and kelli came and spent the night we were tired and went to bed at like 12:30. SUNDAY. Well i got up cleaned up the house and we all decided to go bowling or a movie. well they didnt happen but we had a movie night at my house. Zak Scott, Courtney, Kelli, and Greg were over. Holcomb couldn't come over till later but he did come over. well we all watched some scary movies and not another teen moive. yeah they were some great movies. i was layin on the couch with zak when my mom came up the stairs and i thought fersure she was gunna yell at me but she didnt thank god. then we sat really close to one another. and he had his hand on me. well both. he had to leave and i went and um...walked him to his car. and then we kinda hugged and made out. which was great. havent done that in a while. so hopefully me and zak will "hang out" more often. it would be grand. so anyway. Greg, Courtney, Kelli, and Zach H. came back with holcomb of course. and we tried to watch hide and seek but didnt work in our favor. we went to pick up ryan and kyle (courtneys bro and his friend) but on the way there we played padiddle and kelli had her shirt off. so she was sitting in the back seat with holcomb with no shirt on. i know what a whore. that is what i said. they came back over after we dropped the lil boys off and they did some gresy stuff in my basement on my couch downstairs then they all left at 10:50. so it was an awesome weekend the best ever. and we are deffinantly having more weekends like this one. with of course the same ppl and whoever else wants to come and join us. and i really wish my sister would come and see me i miss her so much. and i have tonz of stuff to tell her. well i'm gunna go and have a great day....

Love Pena
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