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My Boring Life....
What to Do??? 
14th-Aug-2006 02:42 am
So I kinda have this problem but what else is new!!! And guess what it has to do with boys!!! Well here goes nothing.

I spent a whole week at the fair and watched all the couples pass me by. As i watched i noticed that these girls weren't pretty half of them were ugly. So while i sat i wondered what these girls have that i dont have. I couldn't come up with anything but here i am sitting here once more pondering the same question that i've had all week. I'm not desperate for a boyfriend, Its just something that i havent had in a while and miss. My last boyfriend wasn't very promising either. I guess what i really don't understand is why all the pretty girls get the shaft. I understand that ugly people need love to and that there is someone for everyone but now i'm starting to believe that maybe i dont have a someone or maybe i'm just not looking in the right place...

Well i dont mean to throw myself a pity party or anything. But lonelyness sucks and when you find the guy you think you like and that goes down the drain when he goes and gets a gf, you give your hopes up and well it sucks.

So that is my depressing story for the evening....I hope my day will get better!!!
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